Water Love


Your journey in the water should be light and joyful. We’re two friends who got tired of the swimwear offer for women, full of either or options – beautiful or sustainable, sporty or appealing, for 20 or 80 years old. But we wanted it all. We wanted to feel liberated in our swimwear, and dressed to face different life situations.

It turned out many of us were feeling the same – our bet is that you do too! And that is how kaio swim was born.

We both grew up and spent a large part of our lives in or around water. Be it on the shores of the Indian Ocean or freediving in European lakes and seas. Water is our element. This gave us a strong vision of how kaio swimwear should look, and FEEL, like.

With our products we want to honor all the women in you. To enjoy the touch of water on your skin, to have fun with your children, to swim a few laps and, at all times, to feel your best self.

For this, our partners along the value chain share our vision , to not only respect your body, but also your soul.

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