Two multi-passionate entrepreneurs, one city, one vision, one love for water.

about kaio


kaio swim was founded in March 2019 by two female entrepreneurs, Joanna and Chollada, who shared the same vision of creating a sustainable swimwear collection for women. The company is located in Schaffhausen, where the idea originated.

Joanna, spent most of her childhood in swiss swimming pools before discovering a passion for freediving and the underwater world. Water always attracted her and it is where she feels pure joy and inner peace, being one with the element.

Inspired by the seaside lifestyle of her childhood, Chollada feels a unique attraction to natural water bodies. Being by the sea or spending her time next to the Rhein river in Schaffhausen, the city where she lives today, gives a special sensation of relaxation and mindfulness to her spirit.

“For many years, we worked in an International Corporation where I (Chollada) was leading mainly marketing and business development projects and Joanna was working in the sustainable development area. Funnily, we only met after having both left the company, and to our surprise, how much of the same visions and values we share! We decided to enter this amazing journey together and our business relationship grew to become friendship.”