24, June 2022


By wearing a kaio swim swimsuit, you not only chose to make a style statement, you demonstrate your support for a different fashion industry. One that moves slowly, encourages well-thought purchases and takes responsibility for its impact.

Here’s where we currently put our focus to change the industry:


Our swimwear should be timeless. We always keep this in mind when working on our next designs. So that you can wear them this season or in 10 years from now. Statement pieces from the past are always part of our inspiration.

We also put great care to the cut and shape. We don’t want you to look good, we want you to look amazing and be able to move!

Quality and longevity

These are two inseparable aspects to reduce the impact of a garment during its lifetime (from the fiber to disposal). We believe that the combination of the two will allow you to wear your swimsuit for years to come. This is why we chose the highest quality fabric we could find. It’s made with high grade regenerated Nylon and will resist many swims at the pool or holidays at the beach.

But the material isn’t all. We put a great emphasis on savoir-faire and our producer in Italy is specialised in swimwear for more than a generation. Did you know that the double fabric layer of all our swimsuits protects the seams from use? So that the suits stay longer in shape.


We recommend to rince your swimwear after each use in clear tap water and to avoid using the washing machine. This will also prevent the unnecessary discharge of microplastics into wastewater. Hanging them to dry in the shade is also a good practice.

Be careful when applying sun screen or insect repellants as these can be pretty agressive for the elasticity.


Can you believe that our early customers are still wearing their swimsuits after three seasons? It makes us so proud!

Eventually though, your swimsuit will age and you’ll need to part with it. The fate of our swimsuits was always a topic for us, as it’s a responsibility we share with you. This is why we partner together with i care. iceep to collect your beloved swimsuits and give them a next purpose, which we call our take-back program.

Here we’re making ours their motto “If you care, don’t waste, if you care, return”

Sending back was never so easy – download the iceep App via the buttons below, register and select the kaio swim item you’d like to return. In exchange you’ll receive an enveloppe to send it back for free and a discount on your next purchase.

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Anything else?

These are our areas of focus for now. If you have any other ideas, comments or challenges to share with us, we’d love to hear from you!