7, March 2020

The British “Millenial Love” podcast host and lifestyle journalist Olivia Petter who decided to give up on fast fashion in 2020 was brought to investigate sustainable, and fashionable, swimwear by nearing beach holidays.

We were so pleased that kaio swim was featured among the selection of brands Ms Petter cited in her article, published in The Independent, one of UK’s most respected newspapers.

Besides fair production conditions and slow fashion principles, swimwear manufactured with recycled fabrics had to be on her list. These fabrics are more respectful of the limited resources of the planet and of our fragile environment, and represent a real chance to improve the footprint of an industry relying on synthetic fibers.

We get very inspired to see that, like us, more and more designers are using fabrics made of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon to create the swimwear of tomorrow.

If you’re at the beach next week, watch out, as you might cross the author wearing one of our swimsuits ; )