24, April 2020

ONE WAVE by kaio x thoose – Be stronger together!

When we started this collaboration we were miles away from knowing how much its name would resonate just a few months later.

Zippora of thoughts of september, also known as thoose, contacted us at DesignGut last year, as she was considering making a swimsuit. Since we’d just fallen in love with her universe, it was an immediate yes! Let’s do it together.

If you don’t know Zippora and her brand yet, we describe it as poetic Swiss lingerie, totally hand- and locally-made, respectful and inclusive. Her pieces are soft to the skin, well-cut and each with its own name and history. And she also makes to order, just saying ; ) Check their online-shop, we bet you’ll fall for them too.

With ONE WAVE, we wanted to bring our worlds together. Our joint love for the female body, of any shape and origin. For femininity freed of expectations and judgement, on one wave, united.

Now, we look back and realize that what was meant to symbolize sisterhood and to be stronger together, has become a matter of survival. For vulnerable human beings, for little enterprises, for entire societies shaken to their core. More than ever, we need to be there for one another, be generous, sharing our time or our resources to support those in need.

The launch of the ONE WAVE swimsuit was planned for the first week of May. But as we all know, nothing goes by plan any longer. The fabrics, made with the wonderful ECONYL® regenerated nylon fiber, are waiting on the bench of our closed workshop in North Italy. Until it all goes better, until work will resume safely. Until then, we wanted to share glimpses of this swimsuit we love so much.

We’ll keep you updated on the launching of ONE WAVE and should you want to support our collaboration or make a gift to a loved one, vouchers can be ordered on thoose website or by email at info@kaioswim.com.

With love, stay healthy!
kaio swim team