2, February 2022


We love water! It is our inspiration. We love its touch, the sensations we get while swimming, the shared experiences with others, the colors in and around water…
This year, we’ll explore our relationship to water and why we love spending time around it. We’ll hear from you and other women about your love of water and what brings you joy while in your element.


All this inspired us for our new capsule collection – WATER LOVE – your favorite sustainable swimsuits in 2 new colors that inspire confidence and gentleness, the feelings we get when surrounded by water.

On February 15, the collection will be available for a limited pre-order! You know that we are careful about our production practices. Each style will therefore be available in a limited number of pieces at an exclusive pre-launch price. By pre-ordering you’ll help us fight over-production and you’ll be ready for the summer when it shows up.
And last year, it was in April ; )

As always, the sustainable swimsuits will be of the highest quality and made with care in Italy at our family-run production site. The fabric is made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world.

Find out more about the new collection on instagram and in Chollada’s interview below.


Our co-founder, Chollada, was visiting her family in December and organized a beautiful photoshooting on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Here are her behind-the-scene impressions.

Chollada, where did the shoot happen, and why?

We did the shoot in the southern part of Thailand. It is my home country and it gives me such a positive vibe and great inspiration everytime I’m there. We found this place next to the sea and it has a lot of elements which speak to our new collection. The colors. The water. The calmness. How the sun rises over the horizon and radiates the joy of life.

How did you chose the team and how did the collaboration work?

This is the team we worked with for our last photoshoot campaign. They are amazing. It was a great pleasure to be working with such professionals who have eagle eyes for beauty and can translate my wishes into photographs.

Please, describe the magic that sourrounded the day and why it could have all gone wrong … 

We were there a few days before the shoot to do the blocking and location preparation. The weather was perfect and of course on the shoot day, it started to rain. I was worried that we might have to cancel the shoot. But only an hour later, the sun shone and it was even more beautiful than the previous days. So it was truly the rainbow coming out after the storm.

And Lia, the new face of your campaign?

Lia is joyful, professional, fun to work with and represents the character of kaio swim very well. She’s quite advantureous. We talked about how she took an island trip with her friends during the pandemic and almost got stranded there because all boats were canceled. But it turned out to be the most memorable trip for her in Thailand. And about how she can never resist jumping into the sea when she sees one because where she’s from, there is no seas or lakes, and the freedom she longs for to bring her to different parts of the world. 

It was a long day, but it brought me such joy! I hope you’ll love our new sustainable swimsuits and their pictures as much as I do!