1, April 2020

Solidarity in time of crisis – Be there for the most vulnerable!

In just a couple of weeks, the world as we know completely changed. Most of us now work from or stay at home. Our only outings are directed to the grocery store, avoiding any human contacts, bearing invisible armors. Fear comes in waves to be replaced by perplexity. What is going on? What can we do?

We worry about our society’s most vulnerable, often our own parents and grand-parents, but also people and families already in difficult situations. We realize that our lives depend on usually badly remunerated professions – health care workers, cashiers, cleaning personal, post officers… Our endless gratitude, and hopefully soon society’s recognition, goes to them. And we understand that the best way to support them, is by being disciplined, sticking to the hygiene rules, despite the weather, despite rumors, being a role model and ambassador for those heroes.

And we see that each of us can directly help its own community. By shopping for family and neighbors, by coming up with supportive actions, by talking over a fence. We see our children already adapting to the new rhythm, finding new games exploring their immediate surrounding, and showing understanding for their parents trying to reconcile it all.

This gives us hope that in this time of crisis, new ways, new ideas will flourish, making the world a better place than it was before. That those efforts, this generosity and solidarity weren’t all for nothing!

At kaio swim, our habits have also been completely turned around. Thankfully, we are still able to serve you and work as hard as possible to adapt to the situation and prepare for the future.

Since the most vulnerable, often women and children, are suffering even more than usual, we will donate 10% of each purchase to Caritas Switzerland for their projects related to COVID-19.

NEW! Try-at-Home box

Being a mostly online business, we’ve been talking about it for a while, and with the current circumstances, we think time has come to propose our Try-at-Home box. It’s not perfect yet, it’ll get better over time, but we wanted to have a humble response to the crisis we are collectively facing. Hopefully helping simplify your life a little bit.

For whom? Those who would like to purchase one of our swimsuits, but do not want to buy without trying first or hesitate between sizes, colors or designs.

So what’s in it? By ordering the Try-at-Home box you’ll get the possibility to choose a combination of three swimsuits (styles, sizes or colors) that’ll get delivered to your place. You’ll then have 2 weeks to try the suits on, keep your favorite(s) and return the one(s) which do not fit.

If nothing should fit, we’ll send you a voucher in the value of the box for a future purchase in our store or at one of our events.

How much does it cost? 30 CHF, return shipment included. Of course, if you buy one or more suits, the value of the box will be deducted from the total price.

Why paying for this? Our philosophy is to serve our customers while respecting the principles of slow fashion. In that sense, we don’t want to encourage shipping back and forth. However we also understand the need for trying a swimsuit. With the box, you get the advantage of trying multiple styles, compare them, sleep over it and make an informed decision without paying yet the full price of a single suit. There’s also work involved in the preparation of the box and in shipping it.

We hope that you, and your loved ones, are fine, staying creative in this tumultuous journey and taking care of each other (from close and far)!

With love, stay healthy!
kaio swim team