20, April 2020

Almost a month has passed since everything changed

How are things?

The sun is getting warmer and the days are stretching. It would be the time of the first coffees en terrasse, the first late night aperos with friends. But we’ve to be patient, to stay strong and consistent. Now is the critical time to win this battle against COVID-19.

At kaio swim, we’re donating 10% of every purchase to Caritas Switzerland for their projects in support of disadvantaged communities in the face of the crisis. We’ve launched a new offer, the Try-at-Home box, which brings three of our swimsuits to the comfort of your home. And we’ve seen our partners be struck one after the other.

We’d been actively preparing for the coming season, regularly visiting our production site in North Italy. Lombardy was the first region of Italy to be locked down. Since a few weeks, they cannot even leave their home. They’re anxious about the future, not knowing how to survive if the situation lasts for much longer.

Our order is waiting and ready to be produced as soon as the machines can restart. They’re a small family run business, with high quality standards, year-long experience and human values. We don’t want to see them and their knowledge disappear!

In Winterthur, Glückstheorie, the only shop where you could find our swimsuits, had to shut its doors for an unknown period of time. If you’re from the region, why not support them by purchasing a voucher for the days when you can meet them in person? They’re a mother-daughter business, carried by love and passion.

Collective wonders are happening!

As most people, many small labels have to overcome similar challenges. A reduced income, having to balance between homeschooling and working, to find a new routine. Uncertainty is strong, but as is solidarity. A choice of 50, and growing, small sustainable Swiss labels have joined forces in the Support Small Labels initiative.

Isn’t it time to collectively rethink our way of consumption? Do we want to see our local economies recover? Re-discover ancient crafts? Personally know who made our clothes, jewelry or furniture?

Each of the Support Small Labels brands have inspiring stories to share and offer beautiful products made with love.

Visit the Support Small Labels website or Instagram account, discover the faces behind the brands, and spread the word. There, you can find the links to the brands’ websites and special offers (ours too!) that are as many ways to surprise someone with a gift or to just have a treat and feel closer to one another.

Let’s spread hope and contribute to shaping the Swiss economic landscape after the COVID-19 pandemic!

With love, stay healthy!
kaio swim team