17, June 2021


We are so glad to introduce our new take-back program with iCEEP!

Finally, summer has arrived and it’s so wonderful to taste water again. We’ve been swimming a few laps and playing at the pool and tested the Rhein river. Now we can’t wait for the days with family and friends, lying on the grass and daydreaming below green trees…

Our season’s favorite so far is our ONE WAVE swimsuit from the collaboration with Thoughts of September. It’s perfect to go from the sun to the water and back, and get this first sun tan. Add children to it and it even works in the sandbox ; ) And the fabric is so resistant, that you don’t need to worry about it.

Still, after a few seasons, time will come to say good-bye to your favorite swimsuit. This is inherent to the synthetic nature of swimwear fabric and to the harsh treatment they receive (salt, chlorine, sun cream or sand to name a few). So let’s rest a bit longer under our tree and think about the fate of old swimsuits…

Waste is a major issue for the fashion industry. From the use of water, over garn and fabric production, to garment manufacturing, waste is everywhere. But what happens at the level of the consumer is equally important. We’re now all familiar with the tons of garments destined to the landfills of southern countries or to get burnt. And with it air, soil and water pollution, health hazards,…

The fate of our swimsuit was always a topic for us, as it is a responsibility we share with you. Since the beginning, we talked of how great it’d be to take back our old swimsuits. And then? What to do with them?

We’ve been on the lookout for solutions to make use of them. Our prefered one is to recycle the fabric, so that the nylon fiber can be regenerated and sent back into the loop. A process that is defined as the technical cycle of circular economy. That way a fiber can be reused indefinitely.

Although the nylon regeneration from fabrics is technically possible, it has not yet been scaled. But with the demand growing and pressure from consumers increasing, it’ll become a reality in the very near future.

Two months ago, we met the power team of iCEEP! With our take-back program with iCEEP, you can now easily return your pre-loved kaio swimwear from the comfort of your home and get a 10% reduction on your next purchase simply by using their app. iCEEP will then store the suits for us and help us find partners for recycling them.

Giving a second, third or fourth life to your swimsuit has never been so easy ; )

Dowload the app now on Apple Store or Google Play

Enjoy the sunny days