We constantly work to improve our value chain. From its use to its end of life, we dream of closing the loop and make our whole chain circular.


We are very proud of our PURE collection. It is made in Italy, close to Como, by a family-run manufacture. We visit the site regularly and closely monitored the process from prototyping to final production. The fabric used for these pieces is made of ECONYL®, 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon waste. This waste is recovered from ocean and landfills and is transformed, by a company in Italy, into ECONYL® regenerated nylon, contributing to the reduction of plastics landing in the environment and the use of crude oil for its production. And since this recycling process could be repeated indefinitely, we would dream to close the loop and recover it from our used swimsuits.

The PURE collection fabric is of the highest quality, which will satisfy both swimmers in search of a long-lasting product and women looking for enhanced support and hold.


The SOFT collection has a very personal story. It is made in Thailand where Chollada was born. For our first collection we wanted to acknowledge her country and support the livelihood of women working in the apparel production industry.

This collection is made in a certified mid-scale manufacture in the central part of Thailand.

We are aware of the dilemma of importing goods from the other side of the world and of the issues around transparency in the supply chain, and we will continue working towards full disclosure.

Some of our swimsuits harbor removable cups to mediate enhanced breast support and coverage. Although we believe that the double-lining of all our suits would be sufficient, we are aware that not everyone feels comfortable without support. We encourage you to try them without and see for yourself! In any case, the use of cups is an issue, since they are made from virgin synthetic material and carry the risk to end up in the environment. We are looking for a solution to ensure that each of our suits entirely fulfill our commitment.