8, July 2019

Two weeks ago in Lausanne, we were delighted to speak at the epic Brunch Club of the inspiring Victoria Sardain.

People watch out! this woman is truly shaking things up!

Around 30 participants joined us for a morning yoga session, followed by a lively discussion on sustainable living, and a poetic outdoor brunch catered by Lara’s Brunch.

Together with Victoria and Alexandre Badoux from Farmy.ch, we talked plastic wastes in Switzerland, tomatoes in winter and avocadoes all year-round. The possibility of sustainable fashion was questioned, since the impact of this industry on the planet will stay tremendous as long as consumption habits remain the same. The most effective way to contribute to a better future is to REDUCE and REUSE. RECYCLE when needed. We all got to put in question our beliefs around sustainability and invite you to do it too.

Stay informed and critical about everything you hear or read!

Many thanks to Victoria for this opportunity to present our swimsuits close to our beloved Geneva Lake, and particularly to discuss this topic so close to our hearts.


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